03.27.20: From the so-called desk of…


I used to think how amazing it would be if I could sleep in everyday, get up whenever I felt like it, and then leisurely head over to Piper. Well here I am. I can sleep in every day, but alas there is too much to think about, too much to worry about, and if one more person refers to me as elderly, I will not be held responsible for what follows. But let’s face it, having to counter from 6 feet away really takes the fun out of any and all imagined retaliation. For now, I will have to rely on dirty looks. Eventually, I may stop looking up when someone uses the term elderly… they couldn’t possibly mean me.

It’s March 20th as I write this. It’s barely a week since I’ve been home, and I find I am suspiciously eyeing pretty much everything around me – mail, packages, any food being brought into the house, the counter tops, the faucets, the door knobs, light switches, my husband every time he touches his face, and I’m not sure why, but I also have my eye on my cat.

For now, I am trying to find my routine. Getting up at 10am (do not judge), checking emails, considering food options, watching Netflix, checking emails, exercising, trying to find something to do that will keep me interested and excited for the next month… or longer.

My ponderings for week one…

•I’m wondering why we have 3 bags of marshmallows, 2 boxes of graham crackers, 5 extra-large bars of Hershey’s chocolate, but very little bread. Ask son!

•I’m wondering why I didn’t get 10 bottles of hand lotion to go along with the hand washing and hand sanitizer. Ask girlfriends.

•I’m wondering why my cat never gets bored. Check with cat after she gets up from her nap.

I’m trying to find some humor in this distressing situation that we all share. I’m hoping it helps me get through the many weeks/months ahead. But more importantly, I’m also incredibly grateful for my friends and family that are checking on me every day, most of whom thankfully know not to text me before 10am.

Stay well, stay tuned, & wash your hands!