04.03.04: From the so-called desk of…

…Helen.  Zooming Along With The Breeze.

I don’t know if I’m the only one left on the planet, but until last week I had never even heard of Zoom. While kids everywhere were already using Zoom, it was introduced to me by Piper as a way to keep our admin team in regular contact. I mean how hard could it be, if my 6 year old grandson is using it?

My first official invitation was emailed out last week, and I remained completely clueless about what to expect. The meeting was called for 10am, so I combed my hair and put on my favorite pajamas in preparation. Had the meeting been later in the day I might have considered getting dressed.

I grabbed my laptop, my charger, and my coffee, and was set up and ready to go at my kitchen table… ten minutes early. So, I clicked on the link and started poking around, which only led me down the path of heightened doubt and confusion. Damn it! I could tell immediately I was going to have to ask for help. And sure enough at 10:03 I receive a text, “Are you joining us?” Mortified, I find I’m the only one that needed to follow step by step instructions in order to join. Did someone say elderly?

But it worked, and it was actually pretty amazing. There we were, all 9 of us looking like the stars of Hollywood Squares, and so happy to see one another. This was going to be productive and fun, until I took a good look at myself. It was so distracting. I tried sitting up straighter, leaning forward, adjusting the position of the screen, distancing myself from the screen, smiling, looking up, looking down, all unsuccessful attempts at not looking like a long time member of AARP.

Another meeting would be coming up soon. I needed a plan. First, be sure to shower ahead of time and put on make-up. Maybe wearing a interesting new outfit every day would help – a suit jacket, a strapless gown, my Pikachu costume. And If all else fails, I could always wear sunglasses.

Our next meeting was the same day at 3pm. I was showered and dressed in my favorite Piper t-shirt, ready to do it again. But somehow, in just four short hours, I had already forgotten how to join a meeting. Mortified for the second time in one day, I needed help. This time I figured it out more quickly, but unfortunately I still looked godawful. Next time, I’m going to sit in front of a window so I’m back lit – obviously I’ve got my priorities straight.

In the end, I am incredibly grateful for the continued contact with our remarkable team. We all feel less isolated, and are excited about our plans to stay in contact with all of our Piper families. Strange times, but we are all in this together.

My ponderings for the week:

  • I’m wondering how many days I can go without getting dressed. Ask conscience.
  • I’m wondering why I’m suddenly craving food that I absolutely never eat, just because I can’t easily get it. Contact Instacart.
  • I’m wondering how long it will take for my hair to grow out, and if I will finally go grey. Ask ego, but only time will tell.