04.07.20: From the so called desk of…


Distance Learning started today and while there might have been a bump or two in the road, we built this ship in just three weeks! We’re on it and will be adapting tomorrow, next week, and the possible weeks ahead. Most importantly, Piper Preschool Distance Learning went live!  Let’s take a moment to look at all we will share this week.

  • Our Parenting team is running 15 parenting class discussions and circle times every week, for everyone enrolled.  This week’s topic will be the challenges of Safer at Home, next week, how we are discussing co-parenting and managing work from home.
  • Our Enrichment team created over 50 activity videos over spring break for their 38 weekly classes.  They will be continuing to make one for every class, every week.
  • All 4 of our Infant Toddler Music Classes are running live via Zoom, as well as another 3 each week for our Preschool and Pre-K children. Parker really rocks!
  • All 15 Preschool and Pre-K classes are meeting 2x/day via Zoom and your teachers have already generated over 140 activity videos for your children. To top it off, your teachers have begun their weekly individual Zoom check-ins with each child in every classroom.
  • And… our Piper Storybook Library.  Each of our teachers is in the process of creating a read-aloud video, with over 30 already available. Take a look. They’re great. And we even have some book readings in Spanish and Mandarin.

As we go into another week of Safer at Home and online preschool, I want to express a special thank you to all of you for embracing us as we step into this new chapter of our journey. Likewise, a special thank you to all of our teachers who have been so steadfast in their love for our families and their desire to create a special connection to your children. And much gratitude to our administrative staff for making cool slide shows, editing endless posts, answering your questions, heading up teams of teachers, Zoom meeting with each other, and with me, to be the glue that holds this all together.

Finally to Crystal. She has loved us, inspired us, and supported us in every way. She and her partners are the wind in our sails. We all feel so very lucky to call Piper home.

Stay well.

With much love,