04.10.20: From the so-called desk of…


Let Us Entertain You

So we are all at home… now what? For starters I’ve seen a myriad of options for things to watch online while at home. There seems to be no end of available entertainment and suggestions out there. I’ve gotten emails from a bunch of museums and galleries that are now doing virtual tours, announcements that children’s book writers are reading their books online, and updates on 24 hour zoo cams. There are also endless YouTube videos to teach you things like, how to read tea leaves, how to make things sparkle, how to make a didgeridoo, how to play a didgeridoo, how to spell didgeridoo, how to breed crickets, how to cook crickets, how to make a hoodie for your cat, how to make designer clothes for your dog, how to fool your friends with magic tricks, how to loose your friends with magic tricks, the list goes on. Of course there are also fifty emails a week from Netflix letting me know what’s new.

And in case you are easily entertained, not one single store or clothing website has stopped sending daily emails. However, I’d be way more inclined to shop if they would start featuring pajamas, bathrobes, slippers, and sweatpants. Or maybe caftans for when I’m feeling fancy.

I did discover a fun website appropriately called Stay Home Club that did come close. I was particularly partial to their selection of “baggy loose tees” and accessories that say things like “Lazy Wives Club”, “Stay Home!”, and the chubby cat with the tag line, “Shut up everyone”. Evidently this was a thing before the virus. Who knew?

But as the days go by, and while I’m trying to avoid having the TV on 24/7, in evening  I am really happy to have some mindless TV time. But that’s also when my son joins me, and has a habit of pretty much taking over what we watch. So for any parent that is dismayed about all their children begging to watch Paw Patrol, Bluey, Norman Picklestripes, or Storybots, don’t complain… you have no idea. It all started with putting on Shaun of the Dead, which I actually find very funny, but right now I admit it did make me wince a little. This is my son’s idea of humor in the time coronavirus. Following the theme, the next several days included Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, then 28 Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, and Outbreak, all guaranteed to be cringe worthy these days.

While I realize this sounds like my son enjoys torturing me (I’m sure he does), he also knows I’m a big scary movie fan. But after threatening social distancing within the house, we did move on to stand-up comedy and  things like The Hangover and Office Space. Plus he’s also the same person that hauls out Love Actually every Christmas, so I have to love that.

My ponderings for the week:

  • I’m wondering how many times my husband can watch reruns of The Simpsons and South Park. Don’t ask, just roll eyes.
  • We have several bird/squirrel feeders outside our kitchen window. I’m wondering if my cat will ever get tired of watching her own personal cat TV. Alas she continues to be uncommunicative.
  • I’m wondering if I’m the only one that feels more and more like one of the characters in Groundhog Day. What day is anyway?

I promise to update you with any new fabulous new You Tube tutorials. But for now, as the saying goes “Home is where the heart is… so stay there!”