05.14.20: Weekly Reader with Randi

Life Events in a Pandemic

Religious holidays, Mothers and Fathers Days, graduations, and birthdays all happen regardless of a pandemic and the restrictions we are still living under. Weekly rituals, dinners, and visits are still important to us, and to all of the family and friends who we touch base with and connect to when we are gathering together. Celebrations are much needed.  Finding moments to express gratitude for what we do have and what we feel, are essential. Recognizing life passages, someone’s importance to us, and sadly the end of someone’s life are markers in our lives.  These moments are not to be ignored, though they are complicated by the lives we are living this spring. We need some sense of normalcy and we need ways to continue to weave our families and ourselves together, in real life, or as is the case for many now, virtually.


Dating at home

Virtual weddings 

Birthday parties

Celebrating children’s birthdays is important



Celebrating holidays


As we continue to manage our families in a pandemic:

Parenting in a Pandemic workshop with Dr. Dan Siegel and Lori Gottlieb

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It’s OK for parents to feel these things

Toys from our childhoods that still rock

5-16-year-olds suggestions of things to do at home

Parenting articles of interest:

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And a link with fun ideas for your children:

Give your child a small jar of glue and a paintbrush and show them how to use just a little bit of glue. The smaller the objects they are gluing, the bigger the fine motor challenge.

Help your pre-reading child learn to isolate sounds with “I spy”. Choose a phonetic sound and say “I spy something that starts with ‘a'”. Play as long as they like!

Practice with your child who is learning to count by playing a “bring me” game. Say something like, “Bring me 8 red Lego bricks” or “Bring me 3 colored pencils”. Your child will have to keep the number in their mind while they find the objects, which makes it more challenging.

Fun things to do:

Tape shapes on the floor and have your children find things in your house that are the same shape.

Cut out the same shapes, and have them sort them to match what’s on the floor, tape the shapes on the floor.

Have you older toddlers and preschoolers jump from shape to shape with different actions for each shape-hand clapping, jump really high, turn around in a circle.