05.28.20: Weekly Reader with Randi

This week’s Covid parenting links:

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Parenting in general:

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And a Fatherly.com project to do together:

 Solar Ovens

Remember that “science experiment” you did in elementary school where you wrapped a shoebox in aluminum foil, shoved in s’ mores, and put it outside until recess? Yeah, that was fun as hell. Also, it’s very simple to pull off.

Step 1: Cut a Flap in the Box
Using a ruler and pencil, have your kid draw the outline for a flap in the box. Then have the parent take a penknife and cut out the flap that will act as the oven door.

Step 2: Line the Box with Aluminum Foil
Cover the floor, walls, and lid of the box with aluminum foil. Secure this all with scotch tape.

Step 3: Prop open the flap.
Take a wooden skewer — the kind you buy for a shish kebab at the grocery store — and place it in the corner of the box. Attach the other end of the skewer to the top of the lid with tape.

Step 4: Assemble your s’ mores and let it bake.
Cover the cracker-marshmallows with saran wrap and then place the box in direct sunlight until the marshmallows start to melt — about 30 minutes to an hour on a clear, sunny day.