06.04.20: Weekly Reader with Randi

As we pause to reflect, we step forward towards a road of realization and permanent change. This week, our Weekly Reader is dedicated to a variety of resources we have started to gather. Please share additional information as it comes your way, so we can all continue to learn together.

Talking to children about diversity:

Talking to children about racial bias

Ten tips for talking to children about race

Race conscious things you can say to your child

Starting to talk about race with your child

They’re not too young to talk about race

Betsy Brown Braun blog

Reading to young children:

The Equal Opportunity Book Box

11 Places to find books that teach kids about race

You Matter

Books that can help you talk about racism and protest with your children

Books that celebrate diversity

Books that teach empathy and kindness

Social justice book recommendations

Reading children’s books with a race-conscious lens

Epic books (free) for children on diversity and acceptance

Epic books Celebrate Black Culture

Slate article on The Snowy Day

Adult thoughts:

AwareLA.org is offering a workshop on Saturday

Talking to young childrenĀ about race

A workshop for parents on raising antiracist children

President Obama’s essay on effecting real change

Resources for talking to children about racism

Common Sense Media workshop on talking about racism