06.18.20: Weekly Reader with Randi

Before Safer at Home, this would have been our last week of school. On Friday, on both campuses, we would have been celebrating our Pre-K with some fanfare and tasty treats as they passed from preschoolers to kindergarteners. We would have been hugging our parenting groups, enrichment classes, and all of you; our Piper community. As fate would have it, we’re still here. Not on campus, but we are still together.  Sharing learning, challenges, celebrations, life events, and discoveries.  We’re still here, just virtually for the moment.

I am always taken by how all of our children have grown when they step into summer.  Even the littlest of our children have grown, some are crawling, sitting, eating food, and some are even sleeping through the night. And the bigger ones? They are taller, they talk more, and they know a little bit more about the world, about their feelings and those of their friends. They have begun to understand the role of teachers in their lives and the magic of discovery. Though they are the same children who walked into our school last fall, they have grown. They are not the same size, they have more skills, and they have changed and are ready to take on more.

We are too. We grownups have grown.  We’ve struggled to reinvent ourselves, to manage too many things, too many asks, and our anxiety about the unknown and all the things that we can’t control. This last week, we’ve been challenged to take a hard look at our roles on another journey, and as we struggle with introducing social justice to our children, and reflecting on our own voices, we again join together as a community to move forward.

So we are still here. Before we go on break, there will be a celebration for our graduates. Not the same as originally planned, but our children graduating into kindergarten will be recognized and celebrated before we go. The school will take a short break in another week  (June 22- July 6th) and then on July 7th we will come back again, to continue the school year, continue to learn, and connect.

And with gratitude for all of your support and kind words, and your diligence in keeping connected, we will be preparing our campuses for a safe reopening in August. We will continue to strive to make Piper an exceptional place, for exceptional learning, with exceptional teachers, and for you, our families, our exceptional community. Together we will be sharing further adventures, and grappling with challenges. Heading into another year with unexpected storylines, growing along the way.

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We’ll be back in July!  Stay well.