60 Foot Bird

It’s official… the Meet & Greet sign-up form is now online.  Just click here for more info and to fill out the form.  We’ll email you a confirmation when your info is received.  Fancy.

Signed my very first abatement manifesto today.  I have arrived.  Two bins full and headed to Arizona.  I guess that’s where they keep all of the California toxins.  The 3rd floor and most of the 2nd floor are done now.  We’re looking good on timing.  Ready to get our demo guys back in there to take down the framing on Monday.

Bids are coming in slowly.  Some are higher, some are spot on, none are lower than expected… which was expected.  The city is making us do some things we didn’t see coming, which is always fun… like running an underground water line from the alley, all the way across the parking lot for the sprinklers.  Strange that there’s no water line on Arizona.  But, I digress.

The final touches are being put on our virtual rendering.  We will have a “walk-through” available at The Luxe event.  You can imagine it to your little heart’s desire.  And then you can drive by and see what it looks like a few months in.  And then you can come back in January.  And then… there’s no more “and then.”

Found out that a few of our plan checks had a glitch during submission, so now we’re off to the races to finalize them.  Most of them were already back, but a few got caught up.  Frustrating, but being taken care of.

Still chugging along with interviews.  People are coming out of the woodwork… and a few from left field.  Exciting times.  The idea of creating another school from the very very beginning is creating a ton of buzz with prospective employees.  The people we are attracting are phenomenal.  Phenomenal spirit.  Phenomenal work ethic.  Phenomenal confidence.  Great mix.

I just got the “go ahead” to order a 60 foot inflatable hummingbird to sit on our roof.  Commercial property, right?  Neighbors can’t say anything.  And besides, that fits right along with our subtle approach.

Lost this week in my fantasy league… because of the stupid Bears defense.

Until we meet again.