807 Keys

We have an old-school ring of keys for the new building.  They’re mostly for padlocks that may or may not exist anymore.  One’s that circle kind for the gate.  One’s for the alarm company.  But, one is a very special key.  It only does the water spigot (or spicket, as we called it in TN), but it sparked a generational gap conversation.  Helen called it a Skate Key, and laughed.  Then her faced turned uneasy and the smile awkward.  “You don’t know what a Skate Key is do you?” she asked.  “A Skate Key?” I asked.  Then voices of angels started singing… “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, and you’ve got a brand new key… no? Never?”  “Nope, but you sing like an angel.”  For those of us younger than Helen (insert age appropriate joke about the quadruplex telegraph here), a Skate Key was to ratchet down the straps of your roller skates to your shoes… which you were still wearing.  Gone are the days of unstrapping wheels from your wingtips.  Melanie sings the song.  Go look it up… it’s actually not bad… I can’t tell what she’s talking about, though.

Yesterday, we logged nearly 6 hours (some business talk, then some personal talk, then business, then personal) with our strategist… she doesn’t like that title either.  If you have suggestions, we’re open.  It’s pretty great to get someone acclimated to our culture and way of thinking.  It’s also pretty great to incorporate her business mind in with our school mind.  The day ended with wine and Italian-ish.  All good things usually revolve around food and this was no exception.  Good meeting, good strategies, good conversation, and good company.  Helen even jumped in toward the end… the food and wine part.  Classic Helen.  Did you know she collects sunglasses?

Also yesterday, our structural engineer came in and told us we’d need to tear down the building.  Said the roof was designed incorrectly and it was the only option… that or put up a few support beams.  Still deciding.  January 2013 launch or January 2026 launch (factoring in Santa Monica plan check for new construction).  He’s coming again on Friday to see the walls without plaster on them… yep, plaster.  Back to square one with the front office… now it’ll just have a support beam running across the ceiling… and only you will know why.

We got a day closer to finalizing our drywall sub.  I think this guy is on board, but we’re waiting on final final final numbers.  Oh.  Ver.  Budget.  Saving some here.  Spending some here.  Spending more there… wait, where’s the saving again?  Construction at it’s finest.  The building is looking pretty great though.  Seeing it all torn apart and empty is energizing.  I love it.  Blank canvas.

Remember that thing about our address being different for Edison and Water?   Well, using the water address for our sprinkler system and fire hook-up is going to save a ton of money.  We can put the risers on Arizona and not have to run a huge pipe right through the hallways to the front of the building.  So, what you’ve come to know as the 1255 Lincoln address (and let’s all be honest with ourselves… nothing ever overly safe is on Lincoln), will now become an Arizona address.  All better.  That made Crys smile and fist-pump… she never liked using Lincoln.  Fire Marshall Brad is our address angel.  Big thanks.

Our final submission for our 2nd round of plan check went in today… and a correction goes in tomorrow.  Approvals across the board so far.  Building & Safety is the last to go.  Talked with Ron Takiguchi last night and today about our children’s restrooms.  Turns out we need another ADA upstairs.  That’s the correction.  All else is good to go.

Meet & Greet RSVP’s are going strong.  Kinda fun seeing how some of you found out about us.  Small world.  A lot of talking.  A lot of good vibes.  Thanks again and again for the support.  Can’t wait to see all of your faces on November 12th.  We have some good things in store.  Tell a friend.  Spread the word.  Sign up on our Meet & Greet page.  We’ll see you soon.

I’m playing Crys in fantasy football this week.  Might be a rough household for a few days.  I’m favored by 70 points… and still in first place.  I’m sure it burns.

Happy Hump Day.  I’m off to start Season 3 of Arrested Development.

PS-First one to figure out the blog title and email it to me, gets In-N-Out on me.