87th Melding

I had just settled down for a long evening’s blog… when Crys said, “Hey, watch the puppy for minute.”  I walked outside.  No puppy.  I whistled.  No puppy.  I found our grown-up boxer all well-behaved sitting with a nervous gleam in her eyes.  But, no puppy.  I check the usual spot (cat food bowl and/or litter box), no puppy.  That’s when I remembered he liked to do business on our one piece of carpet, behind a maze of kitchen cabinet boxes.  I turned on the light.  Puppy.  Shameful.  Scattered.  Business.  Everywhere.  It happened in less than 30 seconds.  Anyone want a beautiful boxer puppy?  He’s also super allergic to bees.  Found that out today.  Like, trip-to-the-vet allergic.

Had a low-voltage meeting today at the building.  Figuring out wiring conduits for phone and data.  Planning out the music wiring, too.  Lots of phones.  Lots of Sonos.  Lots of Launchports.  Trying to keep it all Apple… so it works.  Yeah, yeah… fanboy.  If you’re majority PC minded, you’ll appreciate the fact that my Mac is… well, acting like a PC.  Never had a problem.  Decide to build a new school, computer takes a dive.  I had forgotten how much fun tech support is.

Got our new structural engineering plans in hand.  Put in an email to our guy at City Hall to see if he’d take a personal meeting to approve them.  Guess what.  Tuesday.  Thinks he’ll be able to do them over-the-counter.  Bringing my A-game.  Might wear a suit and shave… nah, just kidding.  Still A-gaming it.  The ladies and gents at City Hall have been pretty amazing.  I know I’ve said it before, but they deserve it.

Our front door will be off of Arizona.  We’re having to cut in a ramp for ADA.  That ramp has to go sideways a bit.  Where sideways was, were lots of plants, roots, and sprinkler lines… until today.  Also, now the slope up to the door doesn’t meet code.  We couldn’t have used it anyway, because the ramp needs a curb.  So, now we’ll have an outdoor stairway with a fabulous entrance right beside a fabulous front door ramp for another entrance.  Melding federal and city codes is… no, no, it’s good.

Crys has completed her 87th hour of playground planning.  Lucky for you all, we are obsessed with details… and don’t have pesky kids to distract us from creating a place for kids.  Underneath a 24-hour radar for making things better… man, now that I’m defending it, we sound boring.  If you know us, are we?  If you don’t, forget I said it… we’re normal.  Moving on.

Temporary admissions office goes in on Wednesday.  Heeeeeeleeeeeeen, this is your cue.  For those of you who can’t find the building, park and start walking toward Helen’s voice.  You’ll probably have a 4-block cushion for sound travel, so you’re close.  We’ll be all set up for visits by the end of next week.

Getting a lot of really nice phone calls.  You know who you are.  Thank you for the good words and support.  As Bad English would say, “When I see you smile, I can face the world, oh, oh.”

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