Piper LA | 1475 Robertson Boulevard | Now Open!
We know how tough it can be for families applying to preschool and would love to make that process a little less stressful. Here’s the deal. In all likelihood, your kid will get into college… but let’s tone it down a notch and focus on them being slightly older than your phone. Yes, Kindergarten will be here soon and we’ll be there for each step. But right now, we want you to enjoy it. Piper is a place to have fun, get dirty, and make memories. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and travel to your happy place. Your child will end up exactly where they are supposed to be. Promise.

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Infant & Toddler classes are offered for children from 6 weeks to 2.6 years old. No application necessary… just click the link for info and enrollment.

Preschool or Pre-K applications may be submitted at any time… let the fun begin.

Questions? Give us a call at 310.201.4900 or email us.