Aesthetic Wonka

Has flu season started yet?  Do we have a cool-named strain?  Whatever it is, I’ve got it.  Boooooo.  If you were to ask my mom, you have to be really careful with me during flu season, because I got mono from Jennifer Kirkland as a teen.  So, when I get run down… I.  Get.  Run.  Down.  She makes sure to tell Crys every time she hears a scratch in my voice.  I think she covered the 2013-2014 season as of 2 days ago.  Good looking out, Mom.  Good looking out.  I’ve had lots of veggies and chicken noodle soup, even though the noodles broke my attempt at no-carbs-for-3-weeks plan.  Honestly, the Pringles and croissant sandwich didn’t help, but apparently carb loading is great for mono survivors.

I walked up on piles of pipes and connections in the covered parking area.  We’ve cut down into the Earth several feet to lay new lines… these were the new lines.  You’d think we’re in new construction.  There was a meeting today with the architect and structural engineers to see if they could core out some of the footings for that pipe.  Should have an answer tomorrow.  We’re also sticking a camera down there to see which way it flows.  Maybe we’ll come at it from the other side if we can’t drill out the footing.

I got a call today from our GC about some vent lines that were installed on the 3rd floor.  He’s pretty tuned in to Crys and my sense of design, so he was concerned with the “look” of having exposed lines in the hallway.  Um, it looks pretty great.  It even takes a turn and runs through an office.  Pull-up bar.  Love it.  I also love that he knows our style, and that he needs to call when things don’t look right to him (for us).  Lines were run from the first floor all the way up to the third today, so progress is happening.  Still locating some of the drain lines in the South building with all of the footers.  We’ll end up having exposed lines, sprinklers, and ducting on the ceiling caps… just like Costco… and we all know how aesthetically renowned they are.  We might even spray the cottony grey paint over everything.

Got our lighting order in today.  Then noticed that they aren’t fire-rated.  We ordered them to not catch fire to the insulation… which don’t get me wrong, is pretty important… but, now it was caught that this type of light then puts a hole in the 1-hour burn separation.  No bueno.  So, off to the returns department they go.  We’re spec’ing out new ones now.

There’s a corner in the hallway on the first floor that will have a little character now.  We were planning on taking the ceilings up as high as we could, but in this one little 8 foot spot, there’s a big header right down the middle.  We looked and thought… and looked and thought.  Bring the ceiling all down so it’s like a super scary Willy Wonka ride entering the North building?  Maybe.  Box out the header and leave two cavities to hang either bear taxidermy or The Little Prince figurines?  Again, maybe.  We’ll see what comes.

If you go by the building and see the front yard all cut up, that’s because of the Labyrinth-inspired walkway mentioned in the last blog.  They’re prepping to pour concrete… and tons of dirt is now piled up in the parking lot.  Free dirt.  Just kidding, don’t take our dirt.

Overlaid our plumbing plan and site plan today only to realize that our water meter and back-flow riser are smack in the middle of a parking space.  You’d think that would have been noticed.  Not a huge deal to fix, but just something else to think about.  My brain fills up daily, so space in my head for compartmentalizing things like this resets at midnight.  It’s 8:14.

Have a scheduling meeting tomorrow at the site.  Even flew in an East Coaster to help out.  Laying out the plan for each section of the building, so we don’t fall behind down the line.  It’ll be good for all of us to stay on the same page through the end.  Lots of great minds helping make this happen.

I’m headed to City Hall tomorrow to hopefully get our structural plans stamped and signed off.  They’re pretty extensive, so I’m thinking my chances are good… send mojo to 1507 7th Street, Box 254, 90401.

Right after that, we have a meeting with the HVAC (A/C) guy.  There are some concerns with where our classroom units will be.  We moved them slightly to avoid them hanging directly over the doorways… now, they have to figure out calcs and flows and pricing and blah blah, to get an idea of what to install.  He’s going to start working next week.  Units will be installed, rooftop pads made, ducting laid out, air handlers installed, etc. etc.

Saw a Facebook posting today that hit pretty close to home.  Usually, I only really read FB and rarely engage.  I’ve come to realize that FB is only really good to see what my family is doing (and/or what political soapboxes they’re currently strapped to), and keep track of old friends that I’ll probably never see again.  Brutal truth.  Oh, oh… it’s also served as a conduit for my Instagram account.  Almost forgot.  Anyway, I was interested in seeing this clip, not because I really remember the movie (sadly, I don’t really… I know, shoot me), but because I loved this guy in Chicago Hope… no kidding.  I watched it as a kid… hmmmm, kid-ish… and loved his acting.  Again, anyway, watch the clip.  It’s so relevant to our 2013.  Click here.

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I’m 1.2 points behind the 5 year old in my Fantasy League with 1 quarter to go… relentless, this kid.