All Worthwhile

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know that demolition started today… kinda.  The owners had already done a bunch.  Today was the day we started our own stuff.  There was tile on the first floor… not any more.  I walked in to a destruction zone today.  It’s really exciting to see things moving along.  There are huge dumpster bins that I’m sure we’ll fill more than a few times.  We’re ripping it all out and starting fresh.

Had a great meeting with our architect and code analyst today.  No big concerns, but we got a chance to sit down and power through them today.  Santa Monica is being great so far with communication and helping us out.  I think they see the need for preschools and know that Piper will be amazing.  Sifting through code is interesting.  I think you either love it or hate it.  Personally, I love it.  It doesn’t always make total sense, but trying to figure out ways to make everything work is rewarding.  Couldn’t be done without our team, though.  Great group of guys.

We’re interviewing about 6-7 people on Thursday.  The cream is rising to the top and we’re meeting some very talented and qualified teachers and admin.  We’ll probably be hiring within the next week.  Lots to do before January.  Starting from scratch again is oddly pretty amazing.  Really, really, really can’t wait to get it going.  Can’t wait to paint the walls, get the music going, hang some photos on the wall, and stuff the classrooms with supplies.  It’ll all be worthwhile once the little feet go running through the hallways.  Honestly, I’ll probably shed a few tears… no really.  I’m not above crying uncontrollably in front of parents and children.

Everyday I’m seeing more and more people sign up for this blog.  I think a few of you are even applicants for our job postings… kinda cool.  Welcome.  For everyone who has signed up, thanks for following us.  Keep up with us on Twitter.  Like us on Facebook.  Spread the word.