Be Good To Yourself

This morning, out of the blue, my kid said, “Mom, you know what we should do for Mother’s Day? We should go to London.” Ya know, I think the kid is onto something. I explained that it’s quite a long flight and he shrugged his shoulders and said, “it seems pretty close when I look at it on my globe.” I like his optimism. Maybe next year.

The last couple of years on Mother’s Day — as life has gotten busier — I’ve come to a simple realization. For Mother’s Day, Mom should always, on the DL, make a reservation or at least a plan — for brunch, a manicure, or a hike with girlfriends — whatever it is. If dad ends up planning something, then you can quietly cancel said plan(s). If he doesn’t, then you can say, “oh honey, you’ve been so busy lately, I thought I would just handle it for you.” And then you get your mimosa and/or massage/manicure/hike. And, more importantly, you’re not feeling bitter and he’s not feeling guilty. Everyone wins! Anyway, however your Mother’s Day goes down, make it a great one. Being a mom isn’t always easy but it is pretty badass.

Moving on. Those of you who passed on our evening with Betsy Brown Braun last week missed a good lecture. I’ve already put a few of her suggestions to good use and there’s been a bit more calm in the Maser household. Who knows how long it will last but I’ll take it.

So we have Bite Club coming up on May 16 (another great time to get some great parenting tips). We’re hosting Books & Cookies here on May 17 and then we have Pattie Fitzgerald coming from Safely Ever After on June 10. She has a fantastic lecture about talking to your kiddos about safety (I’m seriously underselling this lecture by saying it’s about “safety.”  If you want to hear more, start with these basic tips from her: http://safelyeverafter.com/tips.html#.

If you want to RSVP for any of our events, go here: https://www.piperpreschool.com/events/