Beautiful World

I’ve known this song for years and have always loved it.  It’s one of those songs that you can imagine driving down the PCH right at sunset, windows down, stereo blasting, hand sticking out of the window, wind through your fingertips.  Then, by chance, it came on a very appropriate time the other day.  Oh. My. God… as I’m writing this, it just came on… not kidding.  And now… I’m typing through a few watery eyes.  Shameless sensitivity.  Hang on…

Okay, point is… this song took on a whole new meaning for us as of late.  We’ve always thought the words were perfect.  Simple.  Meaningful.  Now, this little song I’ve been listening to for years, is taking on a whole new feel.  With all that’s going on with us… My, my, my, it’s a beautiful world.