Bribes & Auto-Pick

Had another solid round of interviews today.  It’s looking pretty great.  Of course you have to sift through submissions to find the diamonds, but we’ve found some diamonds.  One even brought us some dessert snacks… yes, I guess bribes work.  The 2 masters degrees don’t hurt either.  She said she never comes empty handed… yeah, we’ll get along just fine.

Demo is slow going, but chugging along.  Turns out a few walls we’d like to take out are holding up all the walls above.  Structural engineer getting involved now.  I guess we could leave the wall where it is, but… well, it wouldn’t be perfect.  So, we’re making it perfect.  I think I’m gonna find out that a few walls really close to this one are in the same boat.  Again, it’s not what was in our head, so we’re going to make it so.

Got a really great compliment from one of our interviewees today.  She said that she can tell that we focus on making our staff happy.  It’s true.  We are all the ones that the parents are trusting with their most prized possession.  We are all the ones the kiddos see every day and are a big reason they are excited to come to school.  And that’s why it’s important to us.  Happy teachers… happy kids… happy parents.

Submitting round 2 to plan check on Wednesday.  Lightning.

As of now, I’m 2 points away from beating that 5 year old in my fantasy league.  In my defense, he was on auto-pick… but he’s still 5.  Must.  Happen.  It’ll be good for his confidence.