Bronze Collaboration

Congrats to Courtney for the title prize from yesterday.  I owe her In-N-Out… although word on the street is that it’ll be all veggie.  Such a shame.  The 807 in our last title is the new Arizona address.  Once it’s all official with the city, I’ll change in on our Contact Page.  Better, right?

Today, we finalized our drywall and framing sub, for real, for real.  They start to work on the 3rd floor on Monday.  We’re going to end up separating everything into sections, so we won’t have a drywall call for 3 stories in late December.  That way, we can have a few different inspections going on as we progress.  Better for outfitting, base boards, furniture, cabinets, etc.  The flooring we love may or may not be available on our timeline.  We heard earlier today that it’s on a 12 week turn-around.  Then later today, we heard that there might be enough in warehouses to complete our job.  If we can’t get it, we might be changing it to another brand, look, or  style.

Submitted the corrections to the corrections for plan check today.  I have to tell you, the city has been pretty amazing working with us to get this pushed through their system.  They’ve been on board since day 1, and it feels really nice to have their support.  I think they see that there is a need for more childcare facilities and they’re doing what they can to get us open.  Of course, we have municipal codes to overcome, but for the most part this permitting process has been very collaborative and understanding.  Thanks again to all of you guys at the city who are helping us to succeed.  We might just make a bronze statue of all of you for the front lobby.

Tomorrow, the engineer comes out again to see what all needs to be done for the walls in the South section.  There are a lot of them… and we don’t want any.  Hopefully, it’ll just be some beams here and there and we’ll be good.

Made some decisions on the appliances today.  Since we will be putting our dream-house energy into this… much like last time… it’ll probably look a lot like we want our house to look.  With that said, our tastes have changed over the past 4 years, but the idea is the same.  I may never leave.  Did someone say Murphy Bed in my office?  Sold.

Next week, we’re meeting with our low-voltage guys to go over conduit… super exciting.  Those are the ones who do our phones, gates, cameras, alarms, internet, etc.  The music system came in a LOT more than expected… might just do it myself… like before.

Getting lots of mail… you know what that means.  Go re-read the Four Agreements on the Our Story page.  Live it.  Breathe it.  Walk it.

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Crys wants me to mention that her running backs scored over their projection this week, and that she’s ahead of me by 20 points, but I refuse.

Night all.