Buddha… and Other Stuff

Never thought I’d see the day where I’d get words of wisdom from Facebook.  Today was that day.  A friend of mine had posted a little message, courtesy of Buddha, and it hit home.  “What you are is what you have been.  What you’ll be is what you do now.”  Enough said.

So, apparently there’s a little rumor going around town about our indoor pool facility.  I can’t really speak on it too much, but I can tell you that it’ll be installed underneath the underground basketball court… right next to the pub and gym.  Yeah, we’re rolling out the Piper carpet this time.  Should be a good time.   Memberships will be available starting in March… along with our rooftop cigar club.  Yeah, that’s right.

Another set of interviews tomorrow.  Probably making some decisions early next week.  Redoing and redoing the construction budget.  Redoing and redoing monthly expenses.  Still getting good traffic online.  Enrollment applications are coming in… super exciting.  We’ll probably have some signage up at the building in a couple of weeks.  Hearing lots of good feedback about Piper these days.  I can’t say this enough… but, we are very thankful to have so many great people backing us up.  It feels really nice.  Makes me proud of the friends we’ve met over the past few years.  Thanks again.  You guys mean the world to us.  For those of you who we don’t know, we look forward to meeting you and your families.