Castles Burning

I’m just going to come clean right off the bat. I write to you this afternoon with a cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc beside me. I know, I know, it’s early. I usually wait until a respectable 5pm (thanks mom), but today, I just couldn’t pull it off. I’m starting to think this weather is sponsored by the makers of fine white wines. Well, to heck with fine wine, let’s be honest, this weather calls for mid-range, otherwise you’d have exhausted your weekly wine budget by, like, Tuesday this week. It’s hot, is what I’m trying to say. But I think we all know that. At least nothing is burning in LA. I truly hope San Diego catches a break on the fire lines in the next day or so…

Heat or not, preschool, and the sweaty little red-cheeked bodies that reside within, trek on. It’s amazing how the weather barely slows them down. The creek may have seen a bit more action, and certainly the teachers were working harder to make sure the little ones were getting enough water and weren’t getting overheated, but otherwise, they’re unfazed. Summer is what childhood memories are made of. Am I right? Do you remember rainy days inside or do you remember sand-covered tuna sandwiches at the beach? How about all the silly games you made up with your brothers and sisters in the pool? And climbing into bed at night with shoulders that sting a bit from the sun, your body completely spent from hours playing outside under the hose. Good times, my friends, good times.

As we march into summer we’ve got some things to consider. Camp. Actually had a Piper mom today learn for the first time that we have summer camp. Whaaaat? Obviously I’m not doing my job. So, just in case you haven’t heard and are still in need of some summer fun, we have summer camp here at Piper, aka Summer Lovin’, August 4-29. Each week of camp is dedicated to some of the best places to spend summer vacation: California, Florida, New York, and Hawaii. We’d love to have you for the whole month but if you can’t make it, you can come for whatever week(s) work into the rest of your summer schedule. Email me if you need the paperwork to sign up (cindy@piperpreschool.com). Oh, and there’s a summer camp for incoming Poppies as well.

And did you mark your calendar for the Piper Picnic? We’ve been having a good time looking at yummy options for food (Crystal does not take menu selection lightly, in case you didn’t know) and ways to make sure the whole family has a good time. Everyone is invited – siblings too – so be sure and mark your calendars for Sunday, June 22, 10am-1pm… More details to come.

And Memorial Day is next weekend. How is that possible? And after that, the school year ends for our bigger kids outside of Piper. Mine is done with first grade on June 11 (cue look of incredulousness and predictable commentary, something along the lines of, “can you believe he’ll be in second grade next year?”)

(Relax. Piper is in session until July 10).

So, in summary:

I drink lots of wine (but you knew that).

It’s hot (you knew that too, I suspect).

The Piper Picnic on June 22 should be added to the family calendar.

Kids grow up and leave us bewildered and sad.

Have a great weekend everyone – stay cool!