College Eggs

On behalf of our website servers, I’d like to apologize for the downtime today.  I’d have to imagine that most people didn’t notice, but no one likes websites that don’t work.  So, if you’d been waiting to read our blog, surf the site, or sign up for our Meet & Greet during your lunch-break/nap-time, very sorry to disappoint.  Again, that audience is knowingly very small, but every starfish counts.  We had a security breach… juicy.

We’ve been working on compiling a list of materials that we’re going to need in the next few months… enrollment contracts, handbooks, codes of conduct, staffing plans, curriculum, etc.  It’s feels a little like being in college and having had 2 pots of coffee while writing your paper that’s due the next day… only to have that obsolete floppy disk take a dive and render your procrastinated hard work gone.  Well, it kinda feels like that.  It’s the feeling of, “Oh my God, I have to start fresh.”  But, in the end you have two choices.  Go find someone’s amazing paper on UnemployedProfessors.com, or dig in and come up with something better.  Currently digging in.

Demo started back up today at the building.  We’re having an engineer come out in the morning to take a look at those walls I mentioned a while back.  Yep, some need to go and only engineers know how to tell other people how to do it… officially.  Luckily, none of the ones in question are shear walls, so the solutions should be easy.  Fingers crossed.

We’ll be making a decision on our framing and drywall sub tomorrow, so we can get started on the 3rd floor while the others are being finished.  Had the beginnings of a nice little office right off the front door, but it was sadly part of the abatement destruction.  To my point above, this time will be better.  I already have a few ideas.

Have another meeting with our business strategist tomorrow.  You’d never guess a preschool would need someone like this, but her involvement (honestly, pretty limited so far) is proving to be very beneficial.  She’s asking questions and requesting organization that has ended up keeping us on track… a there are a lot of those tracks that are tempting us to divert our direction.  Again, the team that is being put together is phenomenal.  It’s amazing how far simple mutual respect goes.

If you wanna see a rare pic of Crys cooking, go check out our Twitter feed.  Actually, it was pre-cook prep work… and stirring.  We had a great breakfast staff meeting today.  Not a lot was accomplished, but some bonds were made, friendships polished, and turkey bacon had.  Also, very special thanks to a very special person for their egg casserole recipe.  The list goes on.  Thanks to everyone… all 75 of you.  I can hear the rumors fluttering already.

If you haven’t driven by the building, go take a gander… it’s gonna be great.  And I’m not just saying that.  I mean, I would just say that, but in this particular case, I’m not just saying it.  Don’t stop… believing.

Lesson from my Papaw:  We have two ears and only one mouth for a reason.