Domestic Science

Sometimes you just gotta call ’em like ya see ’em and today, this blog is dedicated to housekeeping/domestic science/stuff you need to know.

Tomorrow. Don’t come. It’s Good Friday, for some, or bonus-Friday-off-from-school for others. In any event, we won’t be here and you shouldn’t be either. Rio 2 is in the theaters. It’s no Frozen but it’s fun for the kiddos and a reason to eat popcorn and Red Vines for the adults.

Nowish. Our Parenting classes for next fall are filling up quickly. If you’re not currently in the program but will want to join one of our Parenting classes in the fall, please fill out an application (Parenting Program) ASAP-ish. Soon we’ll be opening it to the general public…

Friday, May 2. Do come. But there’s no school. Yep, it’s already time for Parent Conferences. Hard to believe, right? Sign-ups for your 20-minute time slot will be available to you in the classrooms at some point next week. If you’re wondering what you’ll do with your Piper kiddo during that 20-minute time slot, Ms. Yvette will be on the playground to help with childcare.

And last, but not least, Happy Easter. I’m still in a brisket and macaroon-induced coma from Passover but since I’m an equal-opportunity holiday celebrant, now I’m gearing up for ham and peeps. However you plan to spend it, enjoy the long weekend with your families. See you back here on Monday!