Don’t Stop Believin’

Did anyone notice that all my blogs have been named after Journey song titles?  Did you forget that I said in February that the person who guessed first gets to take the first dive into the Piper pool?  Come on, people.  Hello? Is anyone paying attention?  Too late now.  Pool is closed for maintenance.

Whether you’ve been listening or not, we’re just about to wrap things up here.  The blog, the playground, the Wednesday family-hosted luncheons (yum… and thank you!).  All taking a break.  The cubbies will be emptied and um, de-sanititzed.  The art has been sent home.  Your little people are a little less little as we watch them walk out the door this week.  Many of them have mastered the art of a wave, a high-five, or the fist bump as they exit.  Some of them have learned our names, “bye Miss Cindy!” (cue heart melting).  And all of them have won our hearts.  What a little ride we’ve had these last five months. Thanks for sharing your growing bundles with us.

But put the tissues away, because we’re not done.  August 4-29  many of you will be joining us for Summer Lovin’ summer camp.  Expect wet bathing suits, sandy feet, and smiling faces at the end of the day.  We can’t wait.

And if you can’t join us in August, that’s okay.  We’ll see you back here for Parent Orientation on Sept. 12, Class Visits on Monday, Sept. 15, and the first day of school on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Until then, have a fantastic summer.  Swim, sun, laugh, travel, be spontaneous, buy a new lunchbox, and take some deep breaths.  We’ll all be back here before we know it…