Drumroll… (a word from Crystal)

“When you know better, you do better.” – Maya Angelou

Doing the right thing is simply that… it’s doing the right thing.  When you find your passion, you give yourself the opportunity to find your best self.   And when someone else takes notice, their belief propels you into a world where dreams become a reality.  PIPER.  IS.  OPEN.

Not sure if any of you have been involved with construction.   Scratch that.  Not sure if any of you have completed construction… boy howdy (as Helen would say), it takes a village.  I never doubted my husband, but how he went about building strong (genuine) relationships with the people involved in this project far surpassed what I could have ever imagined.  When you end up texting with the top guy, then I suppose it’s time to call it a day.  Since Jesse is the author of this blog and (thankfully) non-narcissistic, I’ll take this time to give him a pat.  This building would have never even been an option for a preschool had it not been for him.  So, Jesse, thank you for Piper.

As for the rest of our village… our administration, our teachers, our crew… When you welcome people into your lives as a member of your family, you embrace them wholly.  You allow yourself (and others) to ignore the hierarchy and instead, you expect to learn.  At that point, and only at that point, can you truly offer excellence.  This crew… this Piper family… was ready.  They not only accepted that challenge, they took that sense of ownership and ran.  Next blog = bios.  And awesomeness.

I suppose the significance of a number is what you make it.  For me, it’s goosebump material.  When Jesse and I first met, we coincidentally shared the same lucky number… 22.  Since then, we always celebrate special occasions on the 22nd of any given month and, of course, got married on a 22nd.   We sat in our school yesterday morning, waiting for our state licensing analyst to determine our status.  Back up… we paced and paced (and paced) back and forth.  Luckily (luckily?), our relationship with her was built on a long history of goodness (the kind of goodness that involves tears and bear-hugs).  So, we talked… we measured… we smiled… we passed.  We PASSED.  After the long winding road of planning, designing, hiring, and hurdling, it only makes sense that we arrive on January 22nd.  Perfect can’t be planned.  Not quite sure how to string together words that would justify the emotion in the room but after hearing her say, “you were forced into greatness,” I was pretty much toast.  Tears streaming.  End scene.

So here we are.  We’ve got an amazing building (that happened).  And we’ve got an amazing staff (also happened).  And now, I find myself reflecting on the core… our community-to-be.  Exactly five years ago (seriously, it’s exact), I stood in front of a crowd with shaky knees and announced that we were about to open Cassidy.  I tried to find the words for my vision… tried to describe the passion behind the project… tried to convey my confidence.  Today, I relax in the belief that it has undoubtedly emerged.  We were given an amazing opportunity to build Cassidy and an incredible responsibility to learn from the experience.  Now, after a long journey of personal growth and professional maturity, we were given the blessing to do it again.  We are honored to have your family join ours.  Welcome to Piper.