Piper Elementary. It’s finally happening. Sort of…

First things first. Take a look at Safer at Play. It outlines our super-sterile protocols that we’ve implemented, and is our new normal for all children at Piper… even if they’re all grown up.

Next, complete the form below if you’re interested in joining our elementary-age pod. This class is created to help your child engage in the online curriculum of their school, give them an opportunity to socialize with other Piper alums, and enjoy in-person activities such as art, science, and woodshop. Also, it gets you out of teaching math.

After the initial commitment of the Fall semester (August 2020 – December 2020), enrollment will be monthly to allow for the flexibility of potential school re-openings. Fees are $1950 per month (based on an average $20/hour rate), and charged on the first of each month. The elementary pod is held Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm, with an optional early drop-off. Upon receipt of this form, we will contact you to discuss availability and details.

And also, welcome back. We missed you, too.