Enrolled, Interviewed, and Demo’d

Well, it’s official, we enrolled our first two Piper Kids yesterday.  Couldn’t be more excited to have this family as our first.  The ball is rolling.  Roll on.

We’ve gotten a really great response from our job posting this week.  It’s exciting to see so many incredible teachers and admin popping up and ready to go.  We’ve set up interviews and will be meeting with them over the next couple of weeks.  There’s so much to do and we can’t wait to get started.

Met with our contractor and partners at the building yesterday.  It’s fun to go over the details with everyone.  Deciding on doors and windows, new roof and drains, which walls to destroy, how to finish the ceiling, where I can install my hidden passageways, and what type of paint doesn’t catch on fire… fun.  I love this stuff.

While demolition starts early next week, the landlord had already started it for us.  All the tile ceilings are gone.  The old doors are gone.  The lights are gone.  The carpet and padding is gone.  Basically, we need to go in and rip out all of the wiring, plumbing, a few walls, and the A/C ducts.  If you wanna sling a hammer, let me know.  Hopefully we can start framing and rough plumbing sooner than later.  We talked about our construction timeline and seem to be dead on schedule.  Santa Monica can always throw wrenches, but they’ve been pretty amazing this time around.  Seems like we have the entire staff rallied around us.  Meant to be.

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