E.T. & The Luxe

Uh oh.  Bad news first.  We found asbestos in the building.  Not a lot, but enough to shut down demolition.  The good news… we now have to remove everything and do what’s called a Procedure 5 clean-up.  After it’s done, you and your kids will be able to breath easy and eat off of the floor for years to come.  Clean slate.  So, just in case you drive by Piper this coming week and wonder why it looks like E.T. when the Feds came in, that’s why.

Our subs came out today for final looks to get their bids in.  We’re having a production meeting on Friday to nail down any last minute details before it all begins.  Getting closer.

Enrollment applications are still rolling in.  We had a nice spike in web traffic after the Kindergarten Fair last night, too.  Keep it coming.  Tell a friend.

Had a great meeting with a business consultant today.  She’s helping us create an infrastructure to house Piper as it grows.  She was asking questions I’ve never thought about, but could see we were already on the right track.  I think she’s going to be a great asset moving forward.  It’s great to have someone taking things off of your plate instead of piling them on.

We’re planning to have an informational meeting at the Luxe sometime in mid November.  We just mentioned it last night at the Fair and got some great reactions.  I’ll keep you posted.

Interviewed another great candidate today for a teaching position… except he was a he.  It’s rare to find guys who have a passion for teaching early education.  I think it’s a much needed element to any classroom.  If it works out, he’s going to be a good one.  And he’s from TN… which is good enough for me.  We’ll have him teach the kids some Hank Williams, Jr. songs… and wear bandanas like Willie.

Looking at wood samples for the walk-in cigar humidor that we’re putting on the roof.  I think I’m going with Koa.