Says you’re open. Uh, what?
Yep, we are. After taking some time to freak out with the rest of the world, we put our heads down and started figuring out a safety protocol. Turns out, we were right in line with CDC guidelines and we continue to update our protocol as needed. We even have a cleaner that came straight from the National Institute of Health… we know a guy who knows a guy. Click here to learn more.

How would you describe your philosophy?
Click The Kool-Aid

Where are the Piper Campuses? Can I get your digits? Do you have MySpace?
Click Contact

What programs do you offer?
Click each for more info.

What are your hours?
Office Hours | M-F 8am-4ish
Kid Stuff | M-F 9am-2pm
Additional Programs Available

How do I tour your school?
1) Click Tour
2) Fill Out Form
3) Wait for a Call

How many steps toward the door was Lynyrd Skynyrd given?

Who is Crystal’s favorite Steeler?
Hines Ward

Who is Crystal?
The founder… big Steelers fan… had to leave the previous FAQ up per an anonymous suggestion. If you’re from Ohio, your chances of getting in aren’t necessarily zero, but you might wanna think about options.

What is your teacher-to-child ratio?
Transition | 1:4
Preschool | 1:5ish
Pre-K | 1:7ish

What is the atomic mass of Carbon?
12.0107 g/mol

Where do your graduates go to elementary school?
Previously, we have placed children in Brentwood, Buckley, Carlthorp, Corpus Christi, Crossroads, Curtis, Echo, JTD, Mirman, PS1, Seven Arrows, St. Martin of Tours, St. Matthew’s, St. Paul’s, Turning Point, Viewpoint, Village, Wildwood, Willows, and WNS.  Public schools included Canyon Charter, Dixie Canyon, Franklin, Kenter, Mar Vista, Marquez, Palisades Charter, Roosevelt, Santa Monica Canyon, Sweet Valley High, Warner, and Westwood Charter. Yes… diplomatic and alphabetical, but all true.


Santa Monica Campus
310.451.4600 | Office

Los Angeles Campus
310.201.4900 | Office