Fat Tie Attitude

I had to shovel my driveway and scrape ice off my windows this morning.  Crazy what thin California blood does to your internal thermostat… and your perception of reality. 

After a few days of destruction, we got our engineer back in the building today.  Ironically enough, we came to realize that preschoolers had done the previous engineering of the South building.  What we have to do now is re-engineer the ceiling so we can open that area up to have a classroom.  I think those guys in the 60’s never thought there would be anything other than offices.  Them and their short sleeved button-up with fat ties and pocket protectors.  And then there’s literally a 2×4 holding up a very important piece.  Scratch the pocket protector… they’d never have done that.  Anyway, we all had a good laugh… and then ran out of the building.  Short story longer, we’re now putting beams and poles and supports and braces and joists.  Hopefully, that turn-around is quick.  Good news is that we have now broken the school into 5 sections and will be working them all separately.

We got our business license today.  Which means we have water/sewer/trash service.  It’s the only time the license will be anywhere under $6000 from here on out… awesome.

The old alarm company came out today to look at, and go over, the system in the building… oops.  Seems to have been relocated.  Um, in the ground somewhere.  Probably Sun Valley.  Maybe at a recycling center.  Those demo guys sure are efficient.  We did find 3 control pads in the wreckage.  I’m sure that’s going to come around and bite me.  We’ll see how the new plan goes.

Finalized our plan for the water main off of the alley.  That’s the whole address change thing.  Easy fix.  Great new location.  That pipe then goes into the building and feeds the entire sprinkler system.  Was going to a huge pipe through the building for the Fire Dept. hook up on Lincoln… now just a little guy on Arizona.

Got word from the city that we’re going to have to add ADA bathrooms for the kids upstairs… per State code.  Have to do a fair amount of re-thinking and drawing.  Pretty sure we’ll get away with just one per floor… so, just one more upstairs.  Putting our amazing code specialist on that.  It has to go through part of our hardship request that began with the elevator.  Kinda have the verbal approval, but we’re filling out the paperwork to follow up.

On a good note, the new roofing on the 3rd floor will structurally allow for a standard helicopter pad… nothing too fancy.  We also got approved for 12 landings per hour, thanks to our good friend Brian Maser’s contact at the FAA.  So, for those little ones who only travel by flight, we’re going to be right up their alley.  Tough market though… those kids are usually super arrogant and have tons of attitude.

Had another perfect night last night with old friends.  I know I harp on this a lot… maybe not a lot, but whatever, I’m emotional… being around good people is the best thing you can have in your life.  When your sense of right and wrong gets tested, it’s the friends who never doubt that keep you strong.  Those are the ones that shine through and give you hope.  Those are the ones who stand behind you in the face of adversity and give you strength.  Those are the ones that count.  I couldn’t be more thankful and proud to have those of you in our lives.  You know who you are.  You might not know how much you do for us, but it’s paramount… trust me.  Tough roads lead to amazing views.  Just wait.