Girl Can’t Help It

I went to my son’s Open House last night at Echo Horizon where he’s in first grade. One of the moms there was sharing with a few of us the fact that she had put her home phone in her pocket instead of her cell phone before she left the house. Hilarious. I recounted the time I went to the grocery store in my slippers. Fully dressed and ready for the day, but wearing slippers. I was actually parked in the lot when I realized it but finally decided to just go in and do my shopping anyway. The other moms who were listening to me were like, oh yeah, (with a shrug of the shoulders) I’ve totally done that, like, numerous times. I felt like I had let them down. I have to up the ante if I’m going to shock a mom, I guess, is the moral of that story.

Anyway, Colby’s classroom did some cute projects this year including a laminated book each student made based on (or plagiarizing, depending on whether you’re a copyright lawyer) “The Hungry Caterpiller,” but they had to pick a new animal and describe its habitat and eating habits in the book. Anyway, my kid picked a blow fish (I know, totally random). I asked him how he knows so much about blow fish and he said — so proudly — “Mom, I had to do RESEARCH.” Lately we’ve been letting him read in bed each night after he brushes his teeth and tells us his rose and thorn. He’s on the top bunk so he uses a camping lantern to read by (relax, it’s battery-powered, not gas. I may wear slippers to Ralph’s but I haven’t completely lost it). God, I love this age. They enjoy learning so much. And yet I have to ask him — every day of his life — to put on his shoes, like 6-10 times each morning. I’m not exaggerating. He can do research on the internet to find out what a blow fish eats but he can’t — of his own volition — put on his friggin’ shoes each day of his life. No wonder moms feel like they’re losing their minds — or leave the house with the home phone instead of a cell phone, possibly wearing slippers.

Speaking of spending more time in quiet solitude at home, minus your child, please make sure we have your contract for Fall, if you’re returning. Contracts for Summer Lovin’ and Poppy Play are rolling into our office as well. If you haven’t worked out your summer schedule yet you’ll want to do so soon-ish so we can be sure and have your spot reserved. We’re gonna have a lot of fun here in August…