Helen Favrenfeld

Well, we made our first hire.  Helen “Brett Favre” Shoenfeld just came out of retirement… again.  She is an amazing Admissions Director in the Westside preschool world… and has an amazing arm… and we got her.  Welcome aboard, Helen.  So happy to have you moving forward.  Enough said.

Soon you should see our construction sign at the building… we’re working on the graphics right now.  We’ll probably get some sort of window graphic on the building soon as well… tasteful, like Mamaw’s meatloaf.

Crystal is busy busy inputting details into Revit, so we can show our virtual preschool.  That will be on display for the world to see (if the world comes to Santa Monica).  It’ll give you all a good idea of what we’re doing, without having to individually explain what shade of bronze each toilet paper holder will have.  Fun.  We plan on having virtual enrollment right away… much like Farmville.  Farmville?  Right?  Wait a second… there’s an idea in there somewhere.

Our onsite office is coming along.  Promo cards are being printed… if you’d like a few thousand to give to your closest friends, just say the word and I’ll personally deliver them to your doorstep.  I’m starting Season 2 of Arrested Development.  My Fantasy Football team beat a 5 year old last night.  So, life is good.  That’s about all for now.