Homemade Love

This one is for the dads.

My own dad (lovingly) called me Wingnut.  Among other things, he taught me to parallel park and drive a stick, cook scrambled eggs, and maintain a sense of humor.  Particularly in hard times.  When I was a wild-ish teen, he didn’t tell mom about all the speeding tickets I got.  Even though he never got to meet his grandson — and namesake — he taught me patience as a parent, that you can whip your kid into shape with a glance instead of a threat (sometimes I remember, sometimes not so much), and that before throwing lit fire crackers at the skunk in the outside garbage cans you should first open the window (if you grew up in the country, as I did, this makes sense to you).  He taught me a couple of fairly dirty limericks, how to throw a great house party, and how to bar tend (I know, you’re shocked).  He showed me that dads can cook (beautifully), braid hair, and sew a button.  Even big, burly men.  And he showed me that the best way to be a teen’s confidant is to sit with them in silence.  It’s been many, many years since he passed and I can thankfully remember all these things with joy and sometimes even a chuckle.  Isn’t that what we all hope for?

Treat the dads in your life to something special this weekend. That could be a few hours on the couch watching the NBA finals or the World Cup, a FitBit, or what my dad always got, a new tie (does anyone wear ties anymore?). If all else fails just give him a big hug and thank him for all the great stuff he’s teaching you and your kids.