Cindy here. Jesse just ran out to Home Depot so I finally have a chance to sneak in a little blog post while he’s away. Thought I would have to wrestle it away from him. Was imagining myself, laptop in hand, standing over him with my Frye boot on his neck, hurredly eeking out my first blog post. Turns out that wasn’t necessary. This time.

I apologize for the title of my first post. What’s a better word for housekeeping? Who wants to even read about housekeeping? I could call it Domestic Science but that seems beyond pretentious. And I don’t want to come across as pretentious this early in our relationship. There will be time for that later. There will be a lot of stuff to come later. In fact, there’s the slightest chance you’ll end up wishing you knew less about me, the dog we’ve recently renamed “Cujo,” my kid and what I put in his lunch, how much wine I consume, the bad TV I watch (a result of the wine, I suspect)… the list is endless. But again, I don’t want to spoil too many surprises during this, our first introduction. You’ve got all year to get to know me. Lucky you!

But I digress. Back to housekeeping — um, domestic science. Call it what you want. I’ll be bringing you info. about school-wide happenings at Piper and will do so each Friday. Also included will be aforementioned personal revelations and daily observations and maybe even some (gasp!) helpful information sprinkled in here and there.

Let’s start with the Piper Picnic. Those of you who have seen the Piper school calendar may have noticed that our picnic is scheduled for Sunday, June 22. Not sure yet of all the details but it should be a great time.  Cuz that’s how we roll. We know how to throw a party, or in this case, a picnic. While we have some great ideas about how we want this community-uniting, best-Sunday-your-kid-has-had-in-months event to go, we’re still considering a few different locations. If anyone knows of a green, wide-open space we can use – other than some of the more obvious parks we have in town — let me know. In any case, put it on the family calendar. It will be a good time.


Just a heads up about a couple of food-related things… By now you should have received an email about our Teacher Luncheons as well as information about our first Bite Club. Let me know if I somehow missed you…


One last pressing housekeeping issue. What to title my blog. Readers of my last blog know that I used to title each post with a quote from the Big Lebowski. I know, that’s hard to top, but I like a challenge. If you have suggestions, let me know. The winner gets to take the first swim in the Piper pool.