Happy Turkey Day Eve everyone.  Much to our surprise, the second Meet & Greet is nearly getting over capacity for our first location.  Second location being considered.  Still working out details with The Wiltern if it gets too crazy.  RSVP by clicking here, if you’re interested in attending.

If you’re following our Twitter, you might know we’re partnering with Imagination Playground to be one of their six Play Event Partners.  We’ll be only one of three in California, and the only one in West LA.  Pretty exciting.  You can check out their website here.  Since our playground is going to be over twice the size as before (about the size of 6.5 classrooms), we’ve been able to dedicate an entire section for these blocks.  Selfishly, I can’t wait to play with them when all the kids go home… everyday.  Sounds like the early makings of a Party Book Party.  Very excited to have them on board with us moving forward.  Very cool company with really great ideas.

Progress at the building has been really great.  Yesterday, our steel beams showed up for the structural work in the building right off of Arizona.  They had to remove some windows to get them inside.  Joists were cut out to make room.  Shoring was built to hold up the building.  The beams are being set and will go up today.  Ceiling drywall is complete on the 3rd floor and being finished on the 2nd today.  They’re mudding and taping the drywall today (that’s when they make it all smooth for paint).  Paint is starting soon.  Next is the HVAC units on top and ducting throughout.  We’re going to bring in our cabinet guy now that all the roughs are done.  Flooring was out yesterday to see what needed to be done for install.  Rough electrical is beginning in the South building.  Crystal walked around with a pink spray paint can marking her new outlets for twinkle lights.  I’m hiring someone to finish my speaker wire install… got old quick.  Good for my mind… bad for our timing.  Our alarm company started installing all of the wiring for the devices.  It’s going to be like Fort Knox in there.  Low voltage continues… all over the place.  Crazy how much wiring goes in to being wireless.

So, here’s a thought on our library… oh yeah, if you didn’t know, we’re building a library.  We had a left over room overlooking the ocean (in our graphic renderings only), and wanted to fill it up with books.  Now, we have a budget to buy a bunch as part of our outfitting, but the idea was brought up to maybe do a book drive.  It’d be cooler for two reasons.  1) We like recycled items and want the feel for the school to be somewhat vintage.  We’re getting some of that with the exposed ducting and plumbing, but this would add a nice feel to it.  2)  The books would be part of our community already.  They would be from families involved at Piper, and come with a little history… and that’s really nice to think about.  The kids would know that some of their books were now at their school for everyone to see.  The idea actually came from one of our parents and I love it.  So, if you have books that you just don’t use anymore, we’ll take ’em.  I know some books don’t leave the house… for my grandmother, it was my Br’er Rabbit book… so, we don’t want those.  But, if you’re cleaning house and have a stack, we’d love to include them in our collection.  If we get any duplicates, we can donate them.  Just thought.  Sleep on it.  If I don’t start getting hate mail, we’ll put something together.  Could be nice.

I know this is going to make a lot of you sad, but I won’t be writing a blog tomorrow.  I know, I know… terribly heartbreaking.  But, tomorrow is a day for food and football… oh yeah, and “thanks.”  Honestly, there will be no time for computers… even if we AREN’T deep frying a turkey this year… I’m a little upset.  So here’s my blog for tomorrow… promise not to read it until then.

I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason.  I’m sure that comes with being raised to find the positive in everything.  As a teenager, I even took so far as to start realizing that there are no such things as mistakes… funny way of justifying some of my teenage decisions to my mom.  I came to realize that the “mistakes” we make, teach us lessons that will most likely prove to be more valuable down the line.  Looking back, they have.  The things that try to break us, only will us to be stronger.  They did.  Would certain things be “better” if we had made different decisions all through life?  If we were more cautious?  If we were more reckless?  If we asked Christie Anderson to the dance in 7th grade?  If we were more whatever?  Maybe.  But, we didn’t.  We are all here now as a product of everything we’ve been through… the good and ugly.  We are exactly where we are supposed to be, and that’s the perfect place for us.  Now more than ever, that is what I’m thankful for.  I’m thankful for our family, our friends, the support, the headache, the rough spots, the trauma, the pride, the continued belief in our passion, and everything single good and ugly thing that got us to where I’m writing this sentence.  I’m thankful for everything that got me right here… right now.  So, thank you to everyone who’s reading this.  You are making some sort of an impact on us whether you know it or not.  The beauty is that I may never know, but wherever I end up… I’ll be just as thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving.