Keep on Runnin’

For us grown-ups, Memorial Day weekend is an annual Rite of Passage. A bridge between almost summer and summer for real.  I still remember the feeling I had as a kid when Memorial Day weekend came – when summer vacation was just a tiny bit beyond reach. Kids got a little wilder in school, teachers cut us a little more slack, and sometimes when it got close to summer vacation, we got to eat lunch under a huge oak tree out on the playground instead of in the lunchroom. And every year on the last day of school mom took me for ice cream at Alan’s Ice Cream Spa. You know, the kinda place where you order outside at a window and eat at picnic tables? It’s still there. Maybe it’s time I started a last-day-of-school tradition with my kid. Hmmm…

Whatever you’re up to or wherever you’re off to this weekend, safe travels, and enjoy. When you return we’ll still have 32 days left of school and lots more time to get to know each other and watch our kiddos shoot up another inch or so. (And if you still can’t bear to say goodbye to us, there’s always summer camp in August). Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for invitations to some upcoming summer events… we’ve got some more glass-raising to do before the year is over.

Until then, happy Memorial Day to all.