Louisiana Piper

I don’t know if dreaming about the Louisiana Purchase makes me a dork or super interesting.  Either way, I woke up today thankful for France’s lack of motivation to create an Empire smack in the middle of Nebraska, and Thomas Jefferson’s willingness to prove that everything has a price tag.  I thought to myself, Piper wouldn’t be here without it… or at least we might have had to fly over stinky cheeses and hard bread to get here.  And that was my morning.

On to a new week.  Still going strong with the abatement.  I’ve only been by the building once, but it wasn’t nearly as bad looking as I thought it might be.  No unexpected problems so far.

Our second round of plans should be back in a couple of days from City Hall.  So far, nothing too out-of-the-ordinary.  Again, they’ve been really supportive getting our issues checked, re-checked, and resolved.  It’s all talk until we open our doors, but the talk so far has been pretty great.

We’re working daily on new budgets, finishing plans, contracts, admissions, hiring, graphics, fun reading materials, licensing, and shopping for every little thing you’ll see in the building… every. little. thing.  For those of you who’ve built a home and been super involved in every little detail… yeah, it’s like that.  Exciting.  Fun.  Creative.  Exhausting.  Love it.