Love Letters

Yesterday, we submitted our plans for “ding, ding” Round 2 of city plan check.  Still kinda nuts how fast all that went.  If you’d like to write a love letter to the city on our behalf, David Martin, Ron Takiguchi, and Amanda Schachter are just a few to give praise.  We’ve overcome a few pretty substantial battles with them on our side.  Good clouds are following us around.

So, our post office emails us photos of our mail to let us know when we need to stop by.  I kinda thought they’d just send one pic and that’d be enough to get us in the door.  Apparently, they send you one for each piece… and my email filled up.  All enrollment applications.  These are good days.  Again, the rallying that’s going on behind the scenes is incredible.  Thank you.  At this rate, we’ll be full in 2 weeks… joke.  Don’t go starting rumors.

I’m getting set-up on a big fancy construction management website to see this thing through.  It’s all specific to our preschool and will carry through construction on into running the business.  Goals, targets, invoicing, you name it.  I’m getting trained early next week.  Great to have a development team helping out.  Great to have great people.

Still interviewing… and second interviewing.  Found some amazing people.  Making some hires early next week… will announce soon.  Might even throw a party.

Subcontractors coming our early next week for final looks.  Budgeting running along smoothly.  Structural engineer on board to figure out our poorly placed wall dilemma.  Good stuff.