Nomad Vagabond

Well, today was pretty exciting.  The progress at Piper is crazy fast.  I got there early today and there must have been 50 people working.  It’s cool seeing all the different jobs going on throughout the building.  The 3rd floor is getting wrapped up for paint.  Flooring up there starts this week.  The 2nd floor is being mudded in places and sanded for paint in places.  The other side of the 2nd floor passed inspection today and is getting the other side of drywall tomorrow.  The 1st floor is buzzing now that our structural is complete.  At least 30 of the 50 people were down there… including me, running wire again… they brought in some help for me today, too.  Speakers are done now.  There was one room that our guy forgot about, so we had to cut it up a little to make it work.  I had to walk away.  Center stairs getting widened.  Handrails being welded.  Doors being knocked out and moved.  Our door and window order went in today.  Plumbing nearly finished.  Engineers walking around approving our structural work.  Alarm wiring now done.  HVAC ducting going strong.  New insulation guys today… blasting Metallica on their break.  Parking lot mosh-pit-party.

We placed our order for furniture today.  It’s all being made out of reclaimed wood from the East Coast… barns, old houses, firehouses, boats, super rare unwanted Bosendorfer pianos, etc.  Shameless plug… if you’re looking… his name is Dave and the store is Oasis (corner of Topanga and PCH).  The thing I love about this guy is that we literally design and draw it up on a sheet of paper with him, he talks to himself a little, he makes a few faces, tells some jokes, faxes to some carpenter in Downtown LA, and it shows up looking perfect.  And he’s got the old school bubble gum that we grew up with on his desk.  I love that it’s made here.  I love that it’s essentially recycled.  I love that it’s a small business.  All around, love it.  If you haven’t seen the renderings, we’ve tried our best to replicate what’s in our minds for the furniture.  You can check it out here.

Spent the better part of yesterday working on our playground, finalizing and designing the furniture list, creating a list for materials and supplies for the classes, curriculum development, and class scheduling.  Crys and one of our amazing teachers spent all day today working on our licensing application.  Our iPads are in.  App being worked out… some new ideas floating around.  Computers are in.  Appliances coming in spurts.  Cabinets will be ordered this week.  The applications are flooding in now… something’s going on.

Click here for Twitter and then “follow” us.  Click here for Facebook and then “like” us (although I still don’t know what that does).  Click here for a blast-from-the-past… city pool style.  I’m in the playoffs of my fantasy league… barely.  Ricky Gervais’ new show Derek is great… Netflix… just watch it… very moving.  I saw an old lady get carded today to verify her medication and she thought she was being carded for looking under 21… very cute.  The more I think about it, she might have been a few PBJ’s short of a picnic.  Still cute.  Good for her.  Discovered a new Sonos product today that I might stick around the school.  Throwing a holiday party for all of our staff this weekend.  Now accepting vagabond applications to attend.  Don’t stop.