Noticeable Homagery

Just got word that everything was approved from the Building & Safety notes.  They are waiting on Alternate Means & Methods (AM&M) for the 2nd floor kid’s restrooms and we should be good.  That AM&M will be submitted tomorrow.  Code guy is working on it tonight and tomorrow day.  All that really got changed was one restroom size on the 2nd floor.  Pretty huge now, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  At this point, we’re flying through revisions just to be done.  Scheduling is still on track, we’re just breaking up the building into sections, as I mentioned before.  Now, we can track everything separately.

Started mapping out and rough framing the 3rd floor today.  It’s really impressive how quickly that stuff goes up.  Equally impressive how spot on the measurements are… they’re using lasers.  Very cool to walk around and see how the rooms are coming together.

We spec’d out new toilets today.  The architects had drawn in commercial units… and if you know us, that won’t fly.  Now they’ll have tanks and pretty little levers.

Our flooring guy is bidding on the kitchen tomorrow.  Will include the cabinets, counter tops, and appliances.  Crys and I looked through a few samples today.  Funny what you think looked good 4 years ago… and what looks good now.  Not completely different, but the change is noticeable.  Fun to be redesigning.

Had a call today with our GC and estimator.  Lots of notes.  Lots of clarifications.  We released the electrician and plumber today to start work as soon as possible.  At some point, I’m going to be climbing ladders to install our Sonos system.  It’s crazy how expensive that was going to be.  And I’m kinda weird about a music system.  I want to make sure it’s right… and by right, I mean my way.  Sonos salesman coming tomorrow.

Saw a really great HVAC compressor in the dumpster yesterday and laid claim on it.  I’d like to consider myself a little on the artsy side, so I imagined it all cleaned up in my office… just for looks.  Like an homage to the building as it once was.  While rummaging, I found a metal ducting vent that had my name on it, too.  Washed that guy up and I’m going to make a shelf out of it.  Maybe for the office… maybe for the house.  Kinda wish I’d been around for the complete tear down of the monster unit, but I was informed that our demo guy reduced his price for a recycling credit.  Lucky me.  If you’re into old stuff, it’s a pretty amazing piece.  Pretty sure Crys rolled her eyes.

Thanks to the folks at Wildwood for showing us around on their educator tour.  I wasn’t able to make it, but our group said it was a great time.  Saw the pics of the playground and love it.  Now, don’t get all up in arms about favoritism… I’m just saying thanks.

We’re over half capacity on the Meet & Greet already and we haven’t even really mentioned it too much outside of this blog.  We got 6 more RSVP’s today.  If you want to sign up, click here.  This month, we are working on a few ideas to get us in front of prospective parents.  You’ll see us soon.  Big photo of Crystal’s face on the Goodyear blimp, electronic billboards, and theater cups.  Big push.

Speaking of, I read a great article on brand protection and identity last night.  It was saying that with all of the social aspects of marketing now, the brand is much more about the community around you as much as, if not more than, the actual product itself.  I read it with a smile because I know our history of building a community and how important that was for our success.  Far be it from me to say we were perfect, but our identity WAS the community.  We tried very hard to create a family atmosphere and let that feeling ripple from our staff on through our parents.  I identified with the fact that our audience, and the interactions you have without us, are part of the larger picture.  They are just as important as the curriculum, the teachers, the building, the website, etc.  Our community is our core.  You all are our heart.  You all are the brand that will become Piper.  It’s just my job to protect it.  Now, I have a chance to do that.  Doing it.

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