Nutsy Hip Bone

Man, what a busy past few days.  Had a graphics company come out and quote a construction sign to display on the front of Piper.  Normally, our general contractor would just use a sign of his own… but, you know us.  Now, it’s gonna have renderings of the building, the inside, a website, some photos, and we’ll probably add some gold leaf and Koa just to keep the rumors going.

Today, we met with Jeff Nespor with Building and Safety.  Everything has been approved except for that dept.  We had about 8-9 items to discuss, but they were all pretty easily solved.  We have a pretty amazing code consultant working with us as well.  Still waiting on a few adjustments from the man behind the curtain, Ron Takiguchi… but he’s “good people” and has been pushing for us since the beginning.  Hopefully, these last few items will sail through and we’ll have a permit in hand next week.  Then, we’ll take those stamped plans and cast them in bronze… or platinum… or leather… or not.

Started transferring all of the utilities in our name today.  Easy right?  Nope.  Phone line connected to the alarm company.  Alarm company connected to the elevator company.  Gardener unexpectedly connected to the power.  Power connected to the hip bone.  Can’t get water, sewer, and trash transferred without a form.  Form needs a deposit.  That can’t go through without a business license.  Normally can’t issue a business license without a business.  After much explaining… we’ll probably have water by the time we open… maybe power.  Who doesn’t love the idea of finger paints and self-portraits by candlelight?

I get to sign my second set of abatement manifestos tomorrow.  Lots of abating going on over there.  They’re on schedule to finish tomorrow and start doing visual and air clearances around noon-ish.  If all goes well, we’ll be back in with sledgehammers on Monday.  Suuuuuuuuch a process, but worth it in the end.

Crystal is hard at work with curriculum, staffing, organizing and everything else that’s not in my wheelhouse.  Somehow, she’s found a way to fit in 4 new fantasy football teams… I think it’s her happy place.

This whole starting fresh thing was a blessing in disguise.  We’re putting thought into things we might have floated over before… and if you know us, we don’t float over too much… possibly to a fault.  It’s refreshing to have a blank canvas again.  Fun to think about every little detail.  Fun to create another brand.  Fun to be in the mix of construction again.  Fun to solve problems every day.  There’s so much thought and effort going towards making an amazing creation.  I can only hope you all will see the love and passion when we open the doors in January.  Getting really excited about it.

The Luxe Meet & Greet sign-up is now live.  If you’re interested in attending, please fill out the form on our Meet & Greet page (by clicking on that “Meet & Greet” link back there).  We’ll send a confirmation email when we get your RSVP.

Picking up the in-laws tomorrow morning.  We plan on going to Glow this weekend in Santa Monica.  Just heard about it and it sounds pretty amazing.  Get a sitter, take a roadie, and come check it out.  Maybe we’ll see you amongst the masses.

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