Of A Lifetime

So we’re moving this weekend.  Whenever I tell someone that, they give me a look of sympathy and say, “oh god, good luck.”  Moving is a huge chore, as we all know, but this is the first time we’re moving when the kid is at an age where he really gets it.  The two-and-a-half years we’ve spent in our place is almost a lifetime for a seven-year-old, and he’s really struggling with leaving.

I don’t know if this is psychologically appropriate but a lot of the things I’m getting rid of are on the DL.  Obviously I won’t get rid of anything that has true sentimental value to him but for a 7-year-old, “sentimental value” is a broad term.  You know those Army men that have parachutes attached so kids can throw them out of second story windows onto the heads of unsuspecting guests?  Sentimental.  That stuffed Angry Bird he won at the Santa Monica pier a year ago, the key chain he got in a goody bag at a birthday, scratched Disney DVDs he stopped watching two years ago, and all of his Curious George books.  Sentimental (okay, I’m sentimental about the Curious George books too).  And speaking of my own sentimentality, I have a jean jacket he wore at 9 months, the sappiest of sappy cardboard storybooks, my favorite of which is “I am a Bunny” (sooo cute if you haven’t seen it), and four hand-knitted baby blankets in soft shades of blue and yellow.  I’m thinking those will be handy to drape over my shoulders in the retirement home one day.

I know it’s a good (and necessary) lesson for him to learn how to let go of stuff.  I’ve explained to him that it doesn’t make sense for people to save everything of value throughout their lives, especially if another person can use it, and that our memories will always exist in our minds and in our hearts.  Ya know, trying to get all “Be Here Now” meets “Siddhartha” on him.  To which he replied, “if I get rid of my old stuff can I get an Xbox?”

If anyone is moving in the near future, let me know.  I have a stash of great boxes, that packing tape dispenser thingy, ten of those guys with the parachutes, and lots of white wine.  And if you want some real advice, look for my question and Randi’s response on “Ask Randi.” (no, really!)