Old Friends & Batman Signals

I feel like we’ve been buried in work for too long and now we’ve had a chance to stick our heads above water for a breath.  For the 3rd night in a row, Crys and I have gone out to dinner with friends we haven’t seen since leaving our last gig.  Familiar faces are always great to see.  Those faces who’ve known us for years, hold steady in strong winds, and push us to be great… those are the ones we’re proud to call friends.  You know who you are.  You know what you do.  Thank you for your conviction.

Had a great meeting with our new business buddies yesterday.  Such a collaborative tone.  Such a meeting of the minds.  So many good ideas floating around.  We may or may not be launching an empire.  Not one of those empires that gets too big for their britches and leaves behind an amazing football/gladiator stadium… one of those that grows with the community, with the community in mind.  We’ll take the stadium with us.  Speaking of… 2-0 in my fantasy league.

Bids are taking longer than expected to come in, but should have something to see mid next week.  What I’ve told our contractor is that if/when it becomes apparent that he’s behind schedule, I will do one of two things: 1) Bring in Ty Pennington and ABC to come in and wallpaper their trucks, bedazzle the mirrors, and pitch in, or 2) Put up the Batman signal (which looks like moms and dads swinging hammers and paintbrushes).  I’m telling you, if you want to come to a painting party (AYCE pizza and beer), it just might happen.  Would be great if any of you are city inspectors, fire inspectors, proficient with a backhoe, and/or can run air flow calcs on our ducting.  I know, wishful thinking… who owns an atmospheric calculator anymore?

Soon, we will launch an RSVP form for the Luxe event.  Pencil in November 12, 2013… say, 6pm?  More details to follow.

Just got a super crazy bid for our landscaping plan… crazy as in kuh-razy.  I’ll throw a pitch to the universe here.  Any recommendations?  Suggestions?  I’m open.

As a little present to those of you keeping up with us… here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.  You can get an idea of colors and basic materials.  Use your imagination to fill it up with toys, paint, supplies, music, and little people running around.  Enjoy.

One of the First-Year classrooms.

photo 1


View to the front door and down the front hallway.

photo 2

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