Only The Young

So things are really starting to feel settled around here. Parents are quickly (and happily) heading off to their offices, the gym, or the grocery store after drop-off each morning. Goodbyes are often a quick wave to mom and a dash into the classroom to play with magna tiles or say hello to a friend. There’s art on the walls and in the windows, and that always signifies a school year well under way. There are even a few items in our “lost and found” basket (it’s outside Randi’s room on the first floor, in case you’re missing something).

And I love how little Piper-isms are taking root. For example, as the Johnnies follow Teacher Jayson through the hallway out to the playground each day, they recite the names on the caricature drawings hanging in the hallway, “Miss Crystal, Mr. Jesse, Miss Helen…” It’s become an adorable daily ritual. In the Ruby room they’re singing a song I’ve never heard before about the seven continents, sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.” I can hear it from my office on the 3rd floor (when I’m there). Soooo cute. And the creek? It’s in full use now. The kids don’t stand by to see who’s going in first and how they should approach it. It belongs to them. They own that creek. And our teacher lunches are now well under way and boy, have we been enjoying them. THANK YOU. It may seem like a simple gesture, on your part, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to walk into the Piper kitchen and see a delicious warm lunch waiting there. It’s the little things in life, am I right?

And now Spring Break is upon us. Really? And this weekend many of our families will find out where they’ll be admitted to Elementary school and (gasp), Kindergarten, where they’ll begin a whole new journey, a whole new phase, a… wait. Let’s just enjoy where we are now, for the moment. Why rush it, right? Is that Ram Dass — “Be Here Now?” Let’s do that. Well, let’s try. First, we wish those families all the best. Tomorrow night they’ll hopefully be enjoying some peace of mind… As for us, here in Piper Land, we have some things to look forward to as well: Spring Break. Piper will close for Spring Break at Noon this Friday, March 21. There are no Enrichment classes on Friday. Classes resume Tuesday, April 8. Enjoy the slopes, the beaches, or the confines of your happy home. Or Ram Dass. Whatever works, enjoy it :-)