Open Arms

So I took a break from scraping brownie off Piper’s hardwood floors to write this.  Whew. You people know how to party at a preschool opening.  Rumor has it that some folks may have been here last night into the wee hours (and by that I mean past the time the average Johnny parent is able to stay up. What are we talking, 9:30? 10:30 latest?).  A glass was broken, an artery-clogging amount of cheese was consumed, and a few of you even let your freak flag fly last night. A mere five weeks into Piper’s first school year and some of you decided to let loose. We like it. Let it fly, we’re not scared.

As the crowd thinned there may have been a couple of final bottles of champagne popped and a few extra toasts. We’ve got a lot to toast to around here.  Some of it is obvious.  What a school – from the paint to the lighting to the (amazing) playground and materials, to the curriculum, and the staff (ahem). Top notch. All true. But it’s the families that bring it all to life. Without you, it’s just a really cool building and a bunch of really cool peeps. Someone envisioned that community room, someone put it on paper, and someone else built it. But you guys showed up. You showed up for us, for our school, and for all the really cool stuff that’s to come. And that’s something worth celebrating.