Oxford Rain

About 5 years ago, I made a conscious decision to start using the Oxford Comma.  You have to choose sides.  You have to.  You’re either a fan, or you are not.  If you end up using both in the same writing, we need to talk.  Clearly, you have a dilly-dally writing style and don’t care about the delicate butterfly that is the English language (pay no attention to my incomplete sentences, prepositional cabooses, and overuse of ellipses).  The Oxford Comma is the one that comes before the “and” in a list.  If you ask Vampire Weekend, they don’t care for it… at all.  They are actually very aggressively opposed.  I like Vampire Weekend, but I do care about the OC, as I call it.  Where do you draw the line?  I drew the line long before Vampire expressed their disdain, so I have to draw the line with my history.  I side with me.  What’s new?  I mention this because… well, two things… 1) Pick a side.  I don’t care which… no, I guess I do.  Pick my side.  It’s greener over here, and 2) I’m seeing a lot of them come up with our writing of handbooks, lists, procedures, and overall notes.  Eh, eh… see what I did there?  It’s a lot like my decision to put a space after my overused ellipses.  Yeah, go back… they’re all the same.  Anyway, my point is this:  The devil is in the details.  Otherwise, don’t go getting excited to throw logic into my stream of thought.  You’ll get tired.  Deep breath.  Moving on.

Yesterday, Crys and I walked through the 3rd floor making hot-pink spray paint marks where we wanted our interior windows.  I even got to do a few myself.  There’s so much light in this building, it’s amazing.  That’s something you don’t realize you miss, until you see the difference.  There’s a difference.  Two classrooms have a whole wall of windows.  And since we couldn’t put classrooms on the 3rd floor, the light in our offices and breakroom is pretty great.  Just found out that we might have to have extra floor support for the breakroom pool table… that one’s for real.  That was always the number one request from everyone… “Where’s the pool table?” they’d ask.  Even parents on tour.  Hey, parents on tour… done.

Engineer is coming back out tomorrow to look over the HVAC platforms on the roof.  We’re getting all new platforms, but some placements are changing… which means the ceilings are probably not solid enough in places.  Luckily, even with the horrible roof design on the south building, we still have a lot of steel beams running around up there.  The plan is to tie into as many as possible and sit the HVACs on top.  What are your thoughts on window units, like when you were a kid at your grandparents place?  I used to hide things behind the vents of mine… I don’t think my mom ever knew… maybe until now, because she reads this.  Sorry.

It was a fine time to have our first rain yesterday, too.  We had just removed all of the ducting from the roof… um, leaving huge holes in the ceiling.  Our GC got plastic over it pretty quickly, but we had small ponds by the time we got there.  One of the major things I miss about living in the South is the rain, so I wasn’t too bummed.  I guess we’re going to hit the rainy season head on with construction.  That wasn’t by design.  We had to hurdle a ton of stuff before we could even consider making a school here… which is why we have a January launch now.

For the first time yesterday, we got more business mail than enrollment application mail… I guess we’re all grown up now.  I don’t like it.  Maybe today will be better.  Reading your applications has been really fun… and funny for some.  There’s a nice mix of people we know and people we don’t, which is great for building a whole new community of amazing families.

Apparently, our handrails for the stairs won’t work as planned now.  Back to the drawing board… and the checkbook.  Awesome.

The Meet & Greet is looking like we might have to have 2 nights now.  Our first night is almost full, so if you’re thinking about going, now is the time.  Click here to RSVP.

Go to our Twitter page here to see Crys working hard on design.  Follow us while you’re at it.  Like us on Facebook… although honestly, I don’t know what that does.  I just say it because I hear it.  I might cancel the FB page.  Seems like I might be spreading our social butter too thin.  Why does a preschool even need to find ex-boyfriends and girlfriends from high-school?  We didn’t even go.  Facebook out.  Maybe.

I’ll leave you with this:  A while back, I read a quote from 2006.  It was from a man who had been forced out of a business he created.  He had been devastated, but had gotten back on his feet.  He created a new company… and another, and another… and rebuilt another.  Last night, it showed up in the most random place… a nice reminder of how to approach living.

“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful.  Don’t dwell on it for too long.  Just figure out what’s next.”  – Steve Jobs

As my mom would say, move with grace and integrity.  Hey, we figured out what’s next.