Permit. Commit.

Two words.  Permit pulled.  Part of me wants to leave it at that, drop the mic, and walk off stage.  This is record time, right?  I’ll believe it either way.  Well on our way.  We’d been trying to get it done yesterday because we have a thing about 22, the 22nd, or anything with 2’s in it.  Our contractor left me a message today saying that he had signed and dated it back a day… yep, the 22nd.  Rock on.  Good luck, good vibes, or whatever… we’ll take it.

We walked through today spray painting center marks for our windows.  We also did a quick layout of the playground… sandboxes, gardening center, water slides, zip lines from the 3rd story, oscillating fire rings, elephant castle, wave pool, and toddler trebuchet.  Now at least we know where everything goes.  Figured out our carpet color and style for the stairways.  Got a quote for window shades.  Still thinking through that one.  Might just go with tin foil.  Got final banner measurements.  Will be designing something soon.  I know, I know, you’re tired of hearing about banners.

Had a great strategy meeting today.  I’d share it with you, but someone would have to disappear.  We’ll be getting involved with some pretty great people, doing some pretty great things… vague is the new black.  Good news is that we’ll be offering several programs starting in January.  Bad news is that it’s already so popular you’ll never get in… nah, I’m kidding.  Calm down.  You should apply.  It’ll be a great way to get to know Piper without actually having to commit… like speed dating… for 6 months.  You get used to us.  Your child gets used to being surrounded by awesomeness.  Winnah Winnah.

We’re doing a Food Drive in November for OPCC.  They don’t know it yet, but that’s how we roll.  Barrels will mostly likely be at our brand new temporary office next week-ish.  Bring by a can or two.  Great lesson for the little ones.  We’ll also be doing a toy drive in December.  Details to come.

Tell a friend about us.  No, really.  Close your eyes and think about someone who needs to know we exist.  Now, email them a link to our site.  Here, I’ll make it easy… www.piperpreschool.com (copy, paste, done).  Follow our Twitter feed.  Flag our Facebook page.  Make Piper t-shirts and sell them at Staples Center concerts.  We’ll be at the Preschool Fair November 3rd (click here to RSVP).  We’ll be at the Luxe November 12th (click here to RSVP).

For two nights in a row, Crys and I have gone to see live music.  Last night was a band called The Dig and another called Leagues.  Tonight was a guy named David O’Dowda.  I’ve forgotten how much I like live music.  I’ve learned how much I like listening from the comfort of a leather couch right next to the stage.  Boring you say?  Right up my alley.

Okay, writer’s block is in full effect now.