We are actively hiring for all of our campuses.

Want to join Piper? Just like the families that attend our school, we only want people who want to be here… who for them, Piper feels like home.

We’re looking for teachers who have chosen early education as their career… not just a job. You must love children, that’s a given. But you also must love life. We want to know your professional goals and help create the path that will allow you to achieve them… to grow beyond them. And even more so, we want to know your personal goals. Ultimately, a happy you makes for a happy kid… a happy parent… a happy place.

We pride ourselves on avoiding complacency. We don’t follow a checklist, and don’t want you to either. We think, we re-think, we create, and we listen. Our philosophy is to empower. If you’re ready, let’s talk.

Here’s what you do. Read carefully and apply. In your cover letter, tell us about yourself. What’s your story? What are your hobbies? Favorite food? Why do you want to be a part of Piper? Also, figure out a way to work in the words “half full” just so we know you’re not passing along a form letter. Underline it, too, just so we know you’ve read this whole thing. Yeah, sneaky.

We look forward to hearing from you.