PreK, DK, TK, OMGK… 
Regardless of what you call it, it’s what you do that counts.

The year before Kindergarten is an incredible time of growth. As we relish the innocence of preschool, we’re also propelling our children into a whole new world. It is our job to give them the tools to take it on with their heads held high. To best prepare them for a successful transition, our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to allow children to experience the setting of an elementary school.

How’s this work?
Children will begin their day in a “homeroom,” then transition between four different classrooms each week: Creative Arts & Culture | Math & Technology | Language Arts | Science & Environment

Transitioning from class to class is one of the biggest changes (and biggest challenges) children face when going to Kindergarten.  So, let’s remove this hurdle.  Providing our children with the opportunity to practice this skill will not only ease their pending move, it will also allow them to experience different learning environments.  Furthermore, the ability to build relationships with additional teachers is invaluable.  In elementary school, children are expected to adjust to a variety of settings with several adults.  Learning to trust others and communicate their needs within the comfort of their own “home” will enable our children to enter the next step with confidence.

Why else?
By narrowing the scope of each room, our teachers are able to become the experts of their discipline.  Our science teacher doesn’t need to balance their planning with art… our reading teacher doesn’t need to incorporate math.  As each teacher specializes in an area, their knowledge is shared with the children through in-depth projects and an extended reach within each subject.

The Program
Throughout the Pre-K year, children explore a different country each month.  To support continuity and allow for a structured sense of learning, this overarching theme is incorporated into all classrooms.  At the end of each month, the classrooms conclude each unit with a celebration of the native foods and culture.

In addition to a country, our classrooms incorporate various artists and the studies of a great mind. Although we continue to appreciate an emergent curriculum, we also implement the value of traditional school readiness.  Formal programs include Singapore Math, Letterland, and Handwriting Without Tears.

The Next Step
From progressive education, to traditional academics, to one of the highly-respected public schools, our kids have amazing options for elementary school.  With that said, navigating the process is key.  We have great respect for the many relationships we have built with the schools, and an appreciation for each of their philosophies.  We are committed to offering you guidance, advocating for your family, and finding that match. As you begin to consider your next steps after Piper, our Kindergarten Coordinator is dedicated to helping you and your family find the perfect fit.

Previously, we have placed children in Brentwood, Buckley, Calvary Christian, Carlthorp, Corpus Christi, Crossroads, Curtis, Echo, JTD, Mayfield, Mirman, New Roads, PS1, Seven Arrows, St. Martin of Tours, St. Matthew’s, St. Paul’s, Turning Point, UCLA Lab, Viewpoint, Village, Wildwood, Willows, and WNS.  Public schools included Canyon Charter, Dixie Canyon, Franklin, Kenter, Mar Vista, Marquez, Palisades Charter, Roosevelt, Santa Monica Canyon, Warner, and Westwood Charter. Yes… diplomatic and alphabetical, but all true.

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