Piper is partnered with Present Now to collect items for their cause.  Present Now works with two types of domestic violence programs:  short-term crisis intervention shelters and long-term transitional shelters.

Short-term crisis intervention shelters provide a safe place for battered women and their children to develop a long term plan to begin rebuilding their lives. Women who enter crisis programs are often moved with their children into long-term transitional shelters, where they receive confidential care, housing resources, job counseling, legal and medical referrals, on-site schooling for K-12 children and individual and family therapy.  These families typically will stay between one year and 18 months.  All women and children entering a domestic violence shelter of any kind leave their homes with no possessions.  This is the driving force behind the creation of the Present Now Presents Program.

All donations (new clothing for ages 1-17 and gift cards) can be dropped-off in person or mailed to Piper Preschool.  Our address is 807 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, CA  90401.  Thanks so much for your support and helping such a great cause.

Present Now Website