Private Exclamation

Well, we liked it… and then we put a ring on it.  January 13th, 2014 will be our first day of school!  And I’m not known for using exclamation points, so it’s kind of a big deal.  We’ll also be offering those enrichment classes I mentioned a while back.  Click here to visit Our Launch page and find out more.  Pretty exciting.  Aaaaaaand, if you’re attending another preschool and don’t want to leave mid-year, you can get a feel for us, our teachers, our building, and our taste in rock music.  Win, win.

Had a great showing at the Preschool Fair this past weekend.  Really nice to meet all of the new families.  I know some of you are now following our blog, so welcome.  Big things to come.  Glad you’re along for the ride.

Because of that Preschool Fair, our Meet & Greet for November 12th is now full.  If you’re still interested in going, email Helen at helen@piperpreschool.com and she’ll get you on the looking-over-the-fence-stand-by list… and hey, if there’s enough of you, we’ll just do it again.  Who doesn’t like wine, cheese, and Piper?  If there’s not enough of you to do another Luxe event, we’ll just throw a little dig at someone’s house, coffee shop, or private island… anyone?

If you keep up with our Twitter feed, you know that we got all of our structural plans approved in 20 minutes over-the-counter.  On Monday, the same happened with our plumbing revisions.  Nearly all of the rough plumbing, electrical, and sprinklers are done for our office level.  Rough inspections are scheduled for next week on our first two sections.  Um, that’s all the offices and 4 of the classrooms.  Kinda crazy how fast this is all moving along.

Saw cutting is done for our 1st floor plumbing and structural footings.  Should be pouring those next week.  Joists showed up on site yesterday, too.  They’ll be going in next week.  Lots of pipe running around.  I really like how we’re doing exposed everything.  Looks vintage-y.  Had a fire rating issue with the existing joists in some of the ceilings.  Put our architect and code ninja on it.  Again, approved over-the-counter.  Inspector coming Tuesday to verify everything.  Also, got a hold of some fire blanket materials that could do the trick.  Either way, all good.

We got the first set of renderings from our Revit designer.  They look pretty amazing.  All will be on display at our Meet & Greet this coming Tuesday.  Our Meet & Greet will also serve as a food drive for OPCC in Santa Monica.  If you’re able, bring a few cans of food for their holiday dinner.  We’ll also be doing a Toy Drive for Westside Children’s Center in December.  Parking lot party!  Again with the exclamation point… big deal.

Had our first staff meeting this past week.  This crew is unbelievable.  Some new faces.  Some familiar faces.  Great attitudes.  Great ideas.  This is going to be an amazing family.

Okay, it’s been carved in stone… it all begins January 13th.  Doors open.  Music playing.  Parents with coffee.  Kids running around like they own the place.  Can’t wait.

Lost Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster this week in my fantasy league… and only lost by 6 points.  Now what?

Follow us on Twitter.  Like us on Facebook.  See some of you Tuesday.  Have a great weekend.  Don’t stop.